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 TotalInstruction ReceivedSoloPilot in Command (PIC)Cross Country Instruction RecievedCross Country SoloCross Country PICInstrumentNight Instruction ReceivedNight Take-off/
Night PICNight Take-off/
Landings PIC
Number of FlightsNumber of Aero-TowsNumber of Ground LaunchesNumber of Powered Launches
craft 3.013.0      
Lighter Than Air               
Simulator 2.1     0.4        
FTD 33.8

How each field is calculated:

  • All values in the 'Airplane' row is a calculated from time logged in planes marked as either "Airplane/SEL", "Airplane/MEL", "Airplane/SES", or "Airplane/MES". Any other flights are ignored, including Airplane/Simulator and planes with an unknown category/class. The rest of the rows are calculated in the same manner.
  • "Total", "Instruction Received", "Solo", "Pilot in Command (PIC)", and "Night Take-off/Landings" are calculated exactly as they are entered.
  • "Cross Country Instruction Recieved", and "Night Instruction Received" are calculated by first removing all flights where Dual Received is not logged. From the flights remaining, it calculates the total Cross Country and Night for these flights. The same method is used for "Cross Country Solo", "Cross Country PIC", "Night Take-off/Landings PIC", "Night PIC", and all the SIC fields. This assumes, for insatnce, that all Cross Country time logged in a flight where PIC time is also logged is what the FAA defines as "Cross Country PIC".
  • "Instrument" time is calculated by adding "Simulated Instrument" with "Actual Instrument".