Pennridge Airport - Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Previous identifiers for this airport:
Jan. 1, 1900 - Jan. 1, 2009: N70
yellow dot
Small Airport
orange dot
Medium Airport
red dot
Large Airport
green dot
Off Airport
purple dot
cyan dot
teal dot
Balloon Port
gray dot
white dot
green line
Actual Instrument
orange line
Dual Given
red line
purple line
blue line
Dual Received
Users who have flown to this airportALongetti, bns0007, Cawfee, Jnoury, lorenschuette, mgomes, openiduser185, openiduser434, openiduser881, rmvogel1, sl11, tfenimore, tnelson, wbloss
Total number of flights logged to this airport134
Tailnumbers that have flown to this airport154SH, 2322Z, 708DC, N1125X, N1195D, N136MA, N15037, N167DC, N205EC, N21CC, N2437M, N243AF, N2950G, N295AF, N314A, N317A, N32177, N35343, N3552B, N383PA, N44595, N53339, N5427D, N55264, N6014Z, N60652, N6086G, N617DA, N6341P, N655PD, N65716, N65758, N680MA, N68293, N6860J, N689PG, N724R, N7279E, N7354G, N8013C, N914TD, N916TA, N92789, N94006, N954MA, N9742B, NR3942Z, PC12-NG