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2009-08-1208-12-20091st Class MedicalIncludes Student Pilot Certificate
2014-04-2404-24-2014Wings Program CompletedBasic/Advanced Phase 3; Master Phase 1
2014-06-0206-02-2014Student SignoffBrandon King: Pre-Solo Written
2014-08-1808-18-2014Student SignoffCody Thompson: Pittsburgh Class B Endorsement
2014-08-2908-29-20141st Class Medical
2014-09-0209-02-2014Student SignoffJacob Hunziker: Pre-Solo Written
2014-09-0609-06-2014Student SignoffCody Thompson: 90-Day
2014-09-1709-17-2014Student SignoffCody Thompson: Solo XC BVI-AXQ-BVI Solo XC BVI-AXQ-PJC-BVI
2014-09-2509-25-2014Student SignoffMatt Engle: Pre-Solo Written
2014-09-2609-26-2014Student SignoffDaniel Cottitta: Private Pilot Knowledge Test - PASS 85%
2014-09-2609-26-2014Student SignoffJonathon Griffith: Initial Solo
2014-09-2609-26-2014Student SignoffMitchell Ashburn: 90-Day Solo
2014-10-0310-03-2014Student SignoffCody Thompson: Private Pilot Knowledge Test - PASS
2014-10-0710-07-2014Student SignoffTrevor Rodgers: Pre-Solo Written
2014-11-0511-05-2014Student SignoffJonathon Griffith: Initial Solo XC
2014-11-0811-08-2014Student SignoffDaniel Beach: Complex Endorsement
2014-11-1011-10-2014Student SignoffJonathon Griffith: Pittsburgh Class B Endorsement
2014-11-2511-25-2014Student SignoffKatie Knupp: Presolo Written
2014-12-0612-06-2014Student SignoffMitchell Ashburn: 90-Day Solo
2015-01-2201-22-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: Initial Solo
2015-02-0902-09-2015Student SignoffMitchell Ashburn: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 2/11 89 HOURS
2015-02-1202-12-2015Student SignoffAdam Danenberg: Commercial Airplane Knowledge Exam - PASS 75%
2015-03-1803-18-2015Student SignoffKatie Knupp: Initial Solo
2015-03-1903-19-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: Initial Solo XC
2015-03-2103-21-2015Student SignoffFrankie Barbuto: Pre-Solo Written
2015-03-2403-24-2015Student SignoffAndrew Kinney: Pre-Solo Written
2015-04-1304-13-2015Student SignoffBrandon King: Instrument Airplane Knowledge Exam - FAIL
2015-05-1305-13-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: 90-Day Solo
2015-05-1405-14-2015Student SignoffAndrew Kinney: Initial Solo
2015-05-1505-15-2015Student SignoffJonathon Griffith: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 6/2 57.3 HOURS
2015-05-2005-20-2015Student SignoffChris Murawski: Pittsburgh Class B Endorsement
2015-06-1606-16-2015Student SignoffGreg Wilber: Pre-Solo Written PA-28-161
2015-06-2406-24-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: Solo XC BVI-ERI-GKJ-BVI
2015-07-1507-15-2015Student SignoffAndrew Kinney: Solo XC BVI-GKJ-BVI
2015-07-2007-20-2015Student SignoffAndrew Kinney: Solo XC BVI-DUJ-GKJ-BVI
2015-07-2907-29-2015Student SignoffAnthony Gagliani: COMMERCIAL PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 7/31 146.1 HOURS
2015-08-1108-11-2015Student SignoffAnthony Gagliani: IPC
2015-08-1908-19-2015Student SignoffAnthony Gagliani: COMM MULTI CHECKRIDE - PASS 8/24 8.9 HOURS
2015-08-2808-28-2015Student SignoffChris Roberts: Complex Endorsement
2015-09-0309-03-2015Student SignoffJonathon Griffith: Instrument Airplane Knowledge Exam - FAIL
2015-09-1409-14-2015Student SignoffConstantine Leventopolous: Initial Solo
2015-09-2109-21-2015Student SignoffBrandon Wood: Initial Solo
2015-09-2209-22-2015Student SignoffSavanna Funk: Initial Solo
2015-10-1610-16-2015Student SignoffLogan Kress: Pre-Solo Written
2015-10-2710-27-2015Student SignoffColton Fritts: Pre-Solo Written
2015-11-0211-02-2015Student SignoffConstantine Leventopolous: Initial Solo XC
2015-11-0311-03-2015Student SignoffConstantine Leventopolous: Solo XC BVI-GKJ-BVI
2015-11-0711-07-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: 90-Day Solo
2015-11-0711-07-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - FAIL 11/17
2015-11-1011-10-2015Student SignoffNate Jancosko - Pre-Solo Written
2015-11-1811-18-2015Student SignoffNatalie Fiedler: Instrument Airplane Knowledge Exam - PASS 83%
2015-11-2011-20-2015Student SignoffLucas Flowers: CFII CHECKRIDE - PASS 11/23 3.6 HOURS
2015-11-2211-22-2015Student SignoffJohn Collins: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE RETAKE - PASS 60.9 HOURS
2015-11-3011-30-2015Student SignoffColton Fritts: Initial Solo
2015-11-3011-30-2015Student SignoffConstantine Leventopolous: Solo XC BVI-GKJ-BVI
2015-12-0812-08-2015Student SignoffJoshuah Hunt: 90-Day Solo
2015-12-0812-08-2015Student SignoffJoshuah Hunt: RECREATIONAL PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 12/16 46.9 HOURS
2015-12-0912-09-2015Student SignoffNatalie Fiedler: INSTRUMENT CHECKRIDE - PASS 1/11 55.4 HOURS
2015-12-1212-12-2015Student SignoffZach Murrer: CFII CHECKRIDE - PASS 12/17
2015-12-1212-12-2015Student SignoffZach Murrer: IPC
2015-12-1812-18-2015Student SignoffLogan Kress: Initial Solo
2016-01-0901-09-2016Student SignoffAngelo Cosentino: Pre-Solo Written
2016-01-0901-09-2016Student SignoffZach Murrer: COMM MULTI CHECKRIDE - PASS 1/13 6.3 HOURS
2016-01-1101-11-2016Student SignoffGarrett Duvall: 90-Day Solo
2016-01-2501-25-2016Student SignoffConstantine Leventopoulos: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 2/5 53.1 HOURS
2016-02-0702-07-2016Student SignoffJared Boice: COMM MULTI CHECKRIDE - PASS 2/22 7.5 HOURS
2016-03-1003-10-2016Student SignoffSavanna Funk: Initial Solo XC
2016-03-1203-12-2016Student SignoffAngelo Cosentino: Initial Solo
2016-03-1203-12-2016Student SignoffBrad Schnelle: 90-Day Solo
2016-03-2203-22-20161st Class Medical
2016-03-2403-24-2016Student SignoffGarrett Duvall: 90-Day Solo
2016-03-2403-24-2016Student SignoffAdriaan Wieken: INSTRUMENT CHECKRIDE - PASS 3/29 71.8 HOURS
2016-03-2403-24-2016Student SignoffJohn Lerda: COMM-MULTI CHECKRIDE - PASS 4/1 7.4 HOURS
2016-03-2403-24-2016Student SignoffGarrett Duvall: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 4/13 55 HOURS
2016-03-2903-29-2016Student SignoffLogan Kress: Initial Solo XC
2016-04-1804-18-2016Student SignoffMorgan Ireland: IPC
2016-04-1804-18-2016Student SignoffMorgan Ireland: CFII CHECKRIDE - PASS 4/25 3.9 HOURS
2016-04-1804-18-2016Student SignoffEric Rowe: Flight Review
2016-04-1804-18-2016Student SignoffBrad Schnelle: PRIVATE PILOT CHECKRIDE - PASS 4/20 79.0 HOURS
2016-04-2704-27-2016Student SignoffScott Messina: 90-Day Solo
2016-04-2704-27-2016Student SignoffZachary Murrer: MEI CHECKRIDE - PASS 5/6
2016-07-2207-22-2016Wings Program CompletedATP/CL-65 Type Rating Checkride
2017-03-2103-21-20171st Class Medical
2017-05-0505-05-2017CFI RefresherGold Seal
2017-07-1507-15-2017Wings Program CompletedCL-65 Proficiency Check
2017-07-3107-31-2017CFI RefresherExtension from 3mo Grace Period

Above is a list of events that impact your flight currency but do not occur at same time as a logged flight. Notably, issuances of medical certificates should be added here so that you can be reminded of when they will expire.

Other flight related certifications, such as checkrides and flight reviews, should be tracked on the Flights tab by adding/editing the corresponding flight and selecting the corresponding checkbox.