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DatePlaneRouteTotalSimPICSICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodDayNightNight L.Day L.App'sMultiMulti PICSingleSingle PICComplexHPTailDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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Overall Totals: 307.713.0241.50.046.5159.478.183.26.936.0282.525.253480816.90.0300.8241.
08-23-19 2019-08-23N572JA (C-172S)karr karr2.02.02.01S.J. stalls&recovery N572JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR2. stalls&recovery
08-23-19 2019-08-23N572JA (C-172S)karr karr0.40.40.41J.E. cxwind t&lN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR0. cxwind t&l
08-23-19 2019-08-23N572JA (C-172S)karr kvpz karr2. ifr cx reviewN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KVPZ-KARR2. ifr cx review
08-28-19 2019-08-28N571JA (C-172S)karr manN571JA (C-172S) man
08-28-19 2019-08-28N571JA (C-172S)karr karr1.01.01.01A.W. turns, slow flight, steep turnN571JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR1. turns, slow flight, steep turn
08-28-19 2019-08-28N570JA (C-172S)arr arr1. night man, stall and recoveryN570JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR1. night man, stall and recovery
08-30-19 2019-08-30N571JA (C-172S)arr arr1.41.41.44S.J. traffic patternN571JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR1. traffic pattern
08-30-19 2019-08-30N28627 (PA-28)karr kikk c09 karr1. IFR CXN28627 (PA-28)KARR-KIKK-C09-KARR1. IFR CX
08-31-19 2019-08-31N572JA (C-172S)karr karr1.01.01.0K.T. lazy 8, g1000 opsN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR1. lazy 8, g1000 ops
09-02-19 2019-09-02N571JA (C-172S)arr c09 arr2.22.22.2C.H. mock reviewN571JA (C-172S)KARR-C09-KARR2. mock review
09-02-19 2019-09-02N571JA (C-172S)arr cmi arr2. com xc ifr/vfrN571JA (C-172S)KARR-KCMI-KARR2. com xc ifr/vfr
09-02-19 2019-09-02N8341B (C-172)arr dpa arr1. slip to land, stalls&recoveryN8341B (C-172)KARR-KDPA-KARR1. slip to land, stalls&recovery
09-04-19 2019-09-04N572JA (C-172S)arr c09 arr2.52.52.5B.S. com manv.N572JA (C-172S)KARR-C09-KARR2. com manv.
09-04-19 2019-09-04N572JA (C-172S)arr etb arr3. night xc ifr/vfrN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KETB-KARR3. night xc ifr/vfr
09-05-19 2019-09-05N3033N (pa-44-180)lot lot1.61.62mulit trainingN3033N (pa-44-180)KLOT-KLOT1.61.61.621.61.6mulit training
09-06-19 2019-09-06N572JA (C-172S)arr arr0.70.70.71S.J. t&lN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR0. t&l
09-06-19 2019-09-06N572JA (C-172S)arr enw arr2. com ifr xc rnav7l@enwN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KENW-KARR2. com ifr xc rnav7l@enw
09-07-19 2019-09-07N572JA (C-172S)arr c09 arr2.82.82.81C.H. mock flightN572JA (C-172S)KARR-C09-KARR2. mock flight
09-07-19 2019-09-07N570JA (C-172S)arr arr2.22.22.21S.A. com manv.N570JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR2. com manv.
09-08-19 2019-09-08N572JA (C-172S)arr rpj arr1. intro to ifr rnav7@rpjN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KRPJ-KARR1. intro to ifr rnav7@rpj
09-09-19 2019-09-09N570JA (C-172S)Arr arr1.61.61.61S.J. T&LN570JA (C-172S)KARR-KARR1. T&L
09-09-19 2019-09-09N8341B (C-172)Arr c09 arr2.52.52.51L.C. Stage check prepN8341B (C-172)KARR-C09-KARR2. Stage check prep
09-11-19 2019-09-11N572JA (C-172S)arr dkb arr2.52.52.5B.S. com manvN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KDKB-KARR2. com manv
09-11-19 2019-09-11N572JA (C-172S)arr dkb arr2.12.12.12A.W. stalls&recovery, t&lN572JA (C-172S)KARR-KDKB-KARR2. stalls&recovery, t&l
09-13-19 2019-09-13N571JA (C-172S)arr dbq arr3. com xcN571JA (C-172S)KARR-KDBQ-KARR3. com xc
09-14-19 2019-09-14N571JA (C-172S)arr dkb arr2.72.72.71S.J. steep turn, stalls and recovery, t&lN571JA (C-172S)KARR-KDKB-KARR2. steep turn, stalls and recovery, t&l
09-14-19 2019-09-14N571JA (C-172S)arr 0c8 arr2.02.02.0C.H. final prep N571JA (C-172S)KARR-0C8-KARR2. final prep
09-15-19 2019-09-15N8341B (C-172)arr arr1.51.51.5L.C. steep turn, ground ref, t&lN8341B (C-172)KARR-KARR1. steep turn, ground ref, t&l
09-15-19 2019-09-15N570JA (C-172S)arr rpj arr1. intro G1000N570JA (C-172S)KARR-KRPJ-KARR1. intro G1000
09-16-19 2019-09-16N570JA (C-172S)arr bmi arr2. com xcN570JA (C-172S)KARR-KBMI-KARR2. com xc
09-16-19 2019-09-16N572JA (C-172S)arr vpz1. (C-172S)KARR-KVPZ1.
DatePlaneRouteTotalSimPICSICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodDayNightNight L.Day L.App'sMultiMulti PICSingleSingle PICComplexHPTailDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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