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DatePlaneRouteTotalPICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodNightMultiSingleComplexHPDist (NM)PersonInstructorStudentRemarks
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Overall Totals: 619.2568.036.2136.2377.8250.424.544.263.4312.7306.50.00.031244.6
2008-10-20 2008-10-20N881PC (C-172)OPF OPF1.31.31.39Solo 9R T&Gs N881PC (C-172)KOPF-KOPF1. 9R T&Gs
2008-10-29 2008-10-29N881PC (C-172)KOPF KOPF1.21.21.28Solo T&G's 27LN881PC (C-172)KOPF-KOPF1. T&G's 27L
2008-11-12 2008-11-12N881PC (C-172)KOPF KHWO KOPF1.51.50.53Craig Walters CFI 2743540 11/09Private PrepN881PC (C-172)KOPF-KHWO-KOPF1. Walters CFI 2743540 11/09Craig Walters CFI 2743540 11/09Private Prep
2008-11-14 2008-11-14N881PC (C-172)KOPF KPGD1. for private checkrideN881PC (C-172)KOPF-KPGD1. for private checkride
2008-11-14 2008-11-14N881PC (C-172)KPGD KPGD1.11.15Walt Bradshaw DPE[Pilot Checkride] Private Pilot CheckrideN881PC (C-172)KPGD-KPGD1.11.11.1Walt Bradshaw DPE[Pilot Checkride] Private Pilot Checkride
2008-11-14 2008-11-14N881PC (C-172)KPGD KOPF1. After CheckrideN881PC (C-172)KPGD-KOPF1. After Checkride
2008-12-08 2008-12-08N881PC (C-172)KOPF KOBE1. Strip CafeN881PC (C-172)KOPF-KOBE1. Strip Cafe
2008-12-08 2008-12-08N881PC (C-172)KOBE KOPF1. (C-172)KOBE-KOPF1.
2008-12-27 2008-12-27N457FR (C-172)KBKV KBKV2. Ali CFI: 2829477 8/10TAA G1000 Checkout FlightN457FR (C-172)KBKV-KBKV2. Ali CFI: 2829477 8/10Muhammed Ali CFI: 2829477 8/10TAA G1000 Checkout Flight
2008-12-28 2008-12-28N457FR (C-172)KBKV KCDK1.01.01.02T&G at BKV then D --> CDKN457FR (C-172)KBKV-KCDK1. at BKV then D --> CDK
2008-12-28 2008-12-28N457FR (C-172)KCDK KBKV0.80.80.81X/C from Cedar KeyN457FR (C-172)KCDK-KBKV0. from Cedar Key
2009-01-08 2009-01-08N457FR (C-172)KBKV KX600. Williston Full Stop LandingN457FR (C-172)KBKV-X600. Williston Full Stop Landing
2009-01-08 2009-01-08N457FR (C-172)KX60 KBKV0. back to BKVN457FR (C-172)X60-KBKV0. back to BKV
DatePlaneRouteTotalPICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodNightMultiSingleComplexHPDist (NM)PersonInstructorStudentRemarks
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