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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N06LU Unknown
N13LU Unknown
N708 Unknown
N70LU Unknown
N76SA Unknown
P1-135 PCATD
FAA1623 A320Unknown
P1135 BATDUnknown
FAA1335 E-170Unknown
1491 FTD-5Unknown
N712LU FTD-5Unknown
SIM1396 FTD-5Unknown
SIM1397 FTD-5Unknown
SIM1491 FTD-5Unknown
N861RB cessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N924MM cessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N1306M CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N1724U CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N19144 CessnaAirplane SEL
N1934G CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N20121 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2158S CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2225A CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2336V CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2373M CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N276SA CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N35502 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N3964L CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N459JA CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6012Z CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6027Z CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N62245 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N701LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N703LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N704LU CessnaAirplane SEL
N705LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N706LU CessnaAirplane SEL
N707LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N708LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N709LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N710LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N712LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N713LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N714LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N715LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N733ll CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N737CA CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N861RB CessnaskyhawkAirplane SEL
N888LU CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N90404 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N90508 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N924MM CessnaskyhawkAirplane SEL
N94901 CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N94904 CessnaUnknown
N973HA CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N988BE CessnaSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N19144 CessnaC-1505.6gphAirplane SEL
N1306M CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N1724U CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N20121 CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2158S CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2225A CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2336V CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2373M CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N35502 CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N3964L CessnaC-172Skyhawk8gphAirplane SEL
N459JA CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6012Z CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6027Z CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N733ll CessnaC-172Skyhawk8gphAirplane SEL
N737CA CessnaC-172Skyhawk8gphAirplane SEL
N888LU CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N94901 CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N973HA CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N988BE CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N1934G CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2225A CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2336V CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N276SA CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N459JA CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6027Z CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N62245 CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N701LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N703LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N704LU CessnaC-172SPAirplane SEL
N705LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N706LU CessnaC-172SPAirplane SEL
N707LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N708LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N709LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N710LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N712LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N713LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N714LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N715LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N715LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N861RB CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N888LU CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N90404 CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N90508 CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N924MM CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N94901 CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N94904 CessnaC-172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N276SA CessnaC-17SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N710LU CessnaC-17SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N702LU Cessna SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N702LU Cessna C-172SPSkyhawk10gphAirplane SEL
1397 FrascaN5387LUAirplane FTD
CERT165324 FrascaFrasca C-172Airplane Simulator
CERT165324 FrascaAATDFrasca C-172Airplane Simulator
1397 FrascaFTD-5N5387LUAirplane FTD
1396 FRASCAN1185LUAirplane FTD
1396 FRASCAFTD-5N1185LUAirplane FTD
N66201 MooneyMooneyAirplane SEL
N66201 MooneyM20JMooneyAirplane SEL
N132DW piperSeminoleAirplane MEL
N134DW piperSeminoleAirplane MEL
N8295C piperSeminoleAirplane MEL
n132dw piperpa-44SeminoleAirplane MEL
n134dw piperpa-44SeminoleAirplane MEL
n8295c piperpa-44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N243DW PiperArrowAirplane SEL
N261FC PiperCherokeeAirplane SEL
N381LJ PiperArcherAirplane SEL
N98146 PiperCherokeeAirplane SEL
N381LJ PiperPa-28ArcherAirplane SEL
N243DW PiperPA-28ArrowAirplane SEL
N261FC PiperPA-28CherokeeAirplane SEL
N381LJ PiperPA-28CherokeeAirplane SEL
N98146 PiperPA-28CherokeeAirplane SEL
N781LU PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex

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