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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
92-0007 SIMC005BC-5 Level DAirplane FTD
N95PU American Champion8KCABDecathlonAirplane SELTailwheel Purdue 95
801 Boeing737-800NGAirplane Simulator CAE Level D
CRJ-900 BombardierCRJ-900CRJ-900Airplane MEL"ME Turbine"
N77412 CessnaC-120C-120Airplane SELTailwheel
N7028L CessnaC-162SkyCatcherAirplane SEL
N1154G CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N170TH CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2081S CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2439Z CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N4835G CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N6065P CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N62085 CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N738XA CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N980CP CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL Civil Air Patrol 1924
N9633X CessnaC-182SkylaneAirplane SEL"High Performance" Civil Air Patrol 1928
N580PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 0
N581PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 1
N582PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 2
N583PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 3
N584PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 4
N585PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 5
N586PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 6
N587PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 7
N588PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 8
N589PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 9
N590PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 10
N591PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 11
N592PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 12
N593PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 13
N594PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 14
N595PU CirrusSR-20SR-20-G3Airplane SEL Purdue 15
N145EJ CirrusSR-22SR-22-G3Airplane SEL"High Performance"
N2246H CirrusSR-22SR-22-G5Airplane SEL"High Performance"
N41SM CirrusSR-22SR-22-G5Airplane SEL"High Performance"
N522PU CirrusSR-22SR-22-G2Airplane SEL"High Performance" Purdue 22
N787PG CirrusSR-22SR-22-G3Airplane SEL"High Performance"
N834LA CirrusSR-22SR-22-G2Airplane SEL"High Performance"
N100PU EmbraerEMB-500Phenom 100Airplane MEL"ME Turbine"
N4119P Frasca242Airplane FTD
1332 FrascaEMB-500Airplane FTD
N324MC MooneyM-20J201Airplane SELComplex
N2150F PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N238ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N239ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N244ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N249ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N260ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N263ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N267ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N275ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N276ND PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N41888 PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N4347H PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N44949 PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N560PU PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N564PU PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N8234D PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N280ND PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N281ND PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N39457 PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N540PU PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex Purdue 40
N541PU PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex Purdue 41
N542PU PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex Purdue 42
N543PU PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex Purdue 43
N814ND PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N81898 PiperPA-28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N570PU PiperPA-44-180SeminoleAirplane MELComplex, ME Seminole 70
N571PU PiperPA-44-180SeminoleAirplane MELComplex, ME Seminole 71
N10PU PipistrelAlphaAlphaAirplane SEL
N51PU PipistrelSinusSinus 912Glider Purdue 51

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