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Small Airport
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Medium Airport
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Large Airport
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Off Airport
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Balloon Port
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Actual Instrument
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Dual Given
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Dual Received
Users who have flown a CRJAndrewHansen, bearcatflyer, Bwshir2, cjvannos, Dluhrs, Dman2141, Edjunior87, gharlow75, jcelmore, Jdkalbow, jhead, Jnoury, openiduser196, openiduser769, scallaghan, sfoch, Wesballard
Total hours logged in a CRJ12,499.4
Total number of flights logged in a CRJ1,834
Tailnumbers that are a CRJ602LR, 916XJ, N254PS, n947sw, n927sw, 308PQ, N448sw, C-FKJZ, N960sw, 301PQ, N922ev, N428AW, 326PQ, C-FZJA, N413AW, 341PQ, N935sw, N703PS, N916ev, N414AW, N506CA, N824AS, N520DC, N938sw, N969sw, N424AW, N404AW, N432sw, N426sw, N409AW, 904XJ, N809ca, N407AW, N932sw, N438SW, 1444, 787, N440SW, C-FLJZ, N956sw, N886as, N417AW, 910XJ, N903ev, 247PQ, N907sw, 906XJ, 299PQ, N442SW, N863as, N971sw, N783CA, C-FCJZ, N905sw, 330PQ, N910ev, C-GNJZ, N591NN, n932ev, N432AW, n961sw, N901ev, N939sw, SCRJ42, 931XJ, 337PQ, 909XJ, N412AW, N900EV, N947sw, N465AW, N944SW, N875AS, N560NN, N685br, N464AW, N909sw, N875as, C-GJAZ, N431sw, N652br, N919sw, N723PS, 314PQ, N438sw, N, N868AS, N260JS, 300PQ, N8828d, 923XJ, 937XJ, N410AW, C-FUJZ, N701br, 903XJ, N419AW, N962sw, 936XJ, N873as, N974ct, N477ca, N709br, N502AE, N937ev, N466AW, n915ev, N926sw, 309PQ, C-FJJZ, N594sw, N443SW, N705PS, N435AW, N931ev, N917ev, N545PB, 320PQ, N959sw, N674ca, N461AW, N540EG, N261PS, N452sw, N514AE, N452SW, N448SW, N900ev, 917sw, 913XJ, N955sw, C-FDJZ, N450AW, N874as, 935XJ, N978sw, 605LR, N433AW, n915sw, N870as, N809sk, N902ev, N979sw, N953sw, N408AW, 325PQ, N958sw, N585NN, 292PQ, N985sw, N963sw, n, N823as, N437sw, N440sw, 303PQ, N912ev, N533AE, 928XJ, N456AW, N593ml, N220PS, N936SW, N417sw, N600NN, N906SW, N534AE, N517AE, 921XJ, 313PQ, N788sw, N432SW, N460AW, 310PQ, N462AW, 298PQ, N444AW, 743, N435sw, Simulator, N8923A, N403AW, n932sw, N568NN, N915ev, N455SW, N557NN, 604LR, N507ca, N447SW, C-GJZS, N429AW, N920ev, N218PS, N602xj, 316PQ, 901XJ, 918XJ, N418AW, N420AW, N506AE, N455AW, N650SW, N569NN, N548NN, N925sw, N929sw, N906sw, N525AE, N784sk, N496ca, N434AW, N914ev, N8982a, N930sw, N244PS, N463sw, N503AE, N529EA, N925ev, 349PQ, N413SW, N430sw, N763SK, N590NN, N207PS, N152GJ, n479ca, N937sw, N459sw, N907SW, N422AW, N531EG, N461SW, 306PQ, N936EV, N237PS, N906ev, 272PQ, 401AW, N602NN, N448AW, N948sw, N675br, N587NN, N780sk, 925XJ, C-FIJA, N230PS, N986sw, C-GJZV, N415AW, FAA#906, N781ca, N510AE, N467AW, N889AS, N516AE, N447AW, N472ca, N8903a, C-FJZD, N961sw, 329PQ, 315PQ, N878AS, C-GJZT, N172GJ, 305PQ, N9868e, N509AE, 1, 919XJ, C-GPJZ, N495ca, N923sw, N162GJ, N8884E, N436AW, 927XJ, N259PS, N441AW, N692CA, N885AS, N702sk, n910ev, N983sw, 294PQ, N453sw, N451AW, 302PQ, N720PS, N249PS, N411AW, N487ca, 914XJ, N427SW, N917sw, N449SW, N406AW, N716PS, N446AW, CRJSIM, N8968e, N869as, N932ev, FAA787, CL65Skywest, N426AW, N468AW, N943sw, N423AW, N987sw, N521AE, N403SW, N494ca, N427AW, N453AW, 296PQ, 336PQ, N402AW, N886AS, 601LR, N8932c, N471ca, N452AW, N964sw, N454AW, N980sw, CRJ, N442sw, N920sw, N913ev, N8884e, N8982A, N873AS, N593NN, n970sw, N466sw, N439sw, 934XJ, 905XJ, N922EV, N953SW, N555NN, 922XJ, N866as, N251PS, C-FBJZ, 307PQ, N459AW, n909sw, 331PQ, N928sw, N401AW, N702br, N202PS, N918sw, 297PQ, N777sw, N966as, C-FTJZ, 929XJ, N421AW, 924XJ, N506ca, C-FDJA, N449sw, 1499, 908XJ, N458AW, 954LR, CRJ200, N457SW, N539EA, N941sw, N457AW, N461sw, N433sw, N659br, N477CA, N215PS, N469AW, N781CA, n918sw, N779sk, N425AW, N416sw, N8923a, 319PQ, N561NN, N439AW, N445sw, 311PQ, n874as, N248PS, C-FJZL, C-GLJZ, N967sw, N160GJ, N882as, 920XJ, N262PS, N710PS, N530EA, N445SW, N405AW, N934sw, N166GJ, N437AW, N449AW, N923ev, N931EV, N566NN, n928sw, N629br, N511AE, N970sw, N443AW, N982sw, N924sw, CL-65, N881as, N442AW, C-GFJZ, N550NN, N527EA, 304PQ, 926XJ, N528EG, 907XJ, N954sw, N975sw, N438AW, N812sk, N487CA, 915XJ, N500AE, N8933b, N718PS, N8965e, N920EV, N504AE, N427sw, N460sw, N927sw, N447sw, CL65, N708sk, N762SK, N8942A, N250PS, N463AW, N468CA, N508AE, N416AW, N445AW, N492sw, N440AW, N430AW, N455sw, C-FNJZ, 600LR, N498CA, N479sw, N809CA, PSA, 930XJ, C-GDJZ, FAA666, N712PS, n969sw, N876as, N976sw, N431AW, N973sw, C-GOJZ, N783ca, N228PS, N885as, 348PQ, N930ev, N470AW, N429sw, 932XJ, N779ca, N983ca, N245PS, N868ca, N247JS, 917XJ

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