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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N300PU BeechcraftBE-20Super KingairAirplane MELComplex, High, Performance, Turboprop
N94286 CessnaC-152CommuterAirplane SEL
N9584B CessnaC-172RGCutlassAirplane SELComplex
N182PU CessnaC-182SkylaneAirplane SELHigh, Performance
N425PJ CessnaC-425ConquestAirplane MELComplex, High, Performance, Turboprop
N9171L Champion7KCABCitabriaAirplane SELTailwheel
N95PU Champion8KCABSuper DecathlonAirplane SELTailwheel
N390JA DiamondDA20-C1KatanaAirplane SEL
N555PU PierPA28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N558PU PiperPA28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N8145V PiperPA28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
N543PU PiperPA28R-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
N16558 PiperPA-34-200SenecaAirplane MELCOMPLEX
N570PU PiperPA44-180SeminoleAirplane MELComplex

Tip: If the plane you are creating is a Beechcraft, Cessna or Piper, just fill in the type designator (eg. PA-28-151), and the other details will be filled in for you.

Tip: If you have a lof of duplicate plane entries, to get rid of them, go to the preferences section and click on the "Remove Duplicate Planes" button at the bottom.