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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
C-182T Unknown
C185 Unknown
F-GUGA A318Unknown
G-DBCF A319Unknown
HS-PPM A319Unknown
N319NB A319Unknown
N8001N A319Unknown
A6-EIZ A320Unknown
G-EUUU A320Unknown
N333NW A320Unknown
N465UA A320Unknown
G-EUXD A321Unknown
N903JB A321Unknown
N911UY A321Unknown
N810HC AT7Unknown
N153GL B190Unknown
N273RH B736Unknown
C-GWJT B737Unknown
N17730 B737Unknown
N305DQ B737Unknown
N612AS B737Unknown
N940WN B737Unknown
PH-BGF B737Unknown
PR-GOV B737Unknown
A6-FEY B738Unknown
G-DOCA B738Unknown
N389DA B738Unknown
N553AS B738Unknown
N76517 B738Unknown
N908NN B738Unknown
PH-BXH B738Unknown
N30401 B739Unknown
N75410 B739Unknown
PH-BXS B739Unknown
B18210 B744Unknown
F-GITD B744Unknown
G-CIVX B744Unknown
N128UA B744Unknown
N223UA B744Unknown
N662US B744Unknown
PH-BFH B744Unknown
G-GSSO B752Unknown
N612DL B752Unknown
N690AA B752Unknown
G-BNWA B763Unknown
N177DN B763Unknown
N76054 B763Unknown
PH-BZC B763Unknown
B2051 B772Unknown
G-YMML B772Unknown
HL7528 B772Unknown
N702DN B772Unknown
N890UA B772Unknown
PH-BQT B772Unknown
A6-ECN B773Unknown
A6-ETL B773Unknown
B18051 B773Unknown
G-STBB B773Unknown
HL8210 B773Unknown
PH-BVK B773Unknown
ZK-OKR B773Unknown
G-BOAC ConcordeUnknown
N707SK CR7Unknown
N147PQ CR9Unknown
D-CIRP D328Unknown
N838CA DH3Unknown
C-GKUK DH4Unknown
HS-SKJ DH4Unknown
N328NG DH4Unknown
N442QX DH4Unknown
G-LCYD E70Unknown
N401YX E75Unknown
N604CZ E75Unknown
N637RW E75Unknown
G-LCYJ E90Unknown
N14904 ERJ-145Unknown
N928AE ERJ-145Unknown
N406RE F406Unknown
OY-NCU J328Unknown
N303UE JS41Unknown
OY-SVW JS41Unknown
F-BTDB MD11Unknown
N296UP MD11Unknown
N891DL MD11Unknown
PH-KCA MD11Unknown
PK-GIM MD11Unknown
N909DL MD88Unknown
N504MM RJ100Unknown
EI-RJN RJ85Unknown
n234pa cessnacaravanUnknown
n2553y piperp28Unknown
N399MA PiperPa-28-181ArcherAirplane SEL

Tip: If the plane you are creating is a Beechcraft, Cessna or Piper, just fill in the type designator (eg. PA-28-151), and the other details will be filled in for you.

Tip: If you have a lof of duplicate plane entries, to get rid of them, go to the preferences section and click on the "Remove Duplicate Planes" button at the bottom.