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Works on any modern browser on any system. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. No need to change logbook software when you switch platforms.

Email backups

Never worry again about losing your precious flight data. FlightLogg.in' sends you an email of your logbook data at the end of each day. You are always in control of your flight data.

Charts and Graphs

Create graphs and charts to visualize your flight data. Create maps of all the places you've flown to.

Automatically calculate flight times

Ever wondered how many multi-engine hours you have at night? Or how many hours of PIC you have in seaplanes? Answer these questions and more.

Efficient Interface

FlightLoggin's user interface has been designed specifically to create an efficient user experience. Spend less time logging, and more time flying.

Free and Open Source

The technology that drives FlightLoggin is open source. No subscription fees or worry of a company pulling the plug on the project.