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Above is a list of custom locations that you have defined. A custom location is a place you have flown to or flown over that does not have an official FAA/ICAO/IATA identifier. If you are trying to log a flight to an airport which is not in the airport database, a better solution is to go to OurAirports and create a new page for that airport. The data will eventually make its way into's database from there.

To use a custom location in a flight, just use the identifier you have defined above. To force the use of a custom location, prefix the identifier with a "!". For instance, a flight from "DEN - !DEN - DEN" would be from Denver, to a custom identifier you have defined as "DEN", then back to Denver.

To use a custom location as a flyover point, prefix it with a "@". So a flight from Denver, then flying over a custom point called "CUS", then landing back at Denver would be "DEN - !@CUS - DEN". It is important to log fly-over points accurately to differentiate between flights that quality for Point to Point XC.