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DatePlaneRouteTotalPICSICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodNightNight L.Day L.App'sComplexHPDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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Overall Totals: 211.8120.80.0141.7164.
2011-09-12 2011-09-12N2235V (C-172)KGB lgb1. (C-172)KGB-KLGB1.
2011-09-15 2011-09-15N5001P (C-172)KGB lgb1. (C-172)KGB-KLGB1.
2011-09-19 2011-09-19N5001P (C-172)Lgb lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KLGB1.
2011-09-21 2011-09-21N65537 (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2011-10-19 2011-10-19N1120Z (C-172)Lgb cma lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KCMA-KLGB2.
2011-10-28 2011-10-28N1120Z (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2011-11-01 2011-11-01N1120Z (C-172)Lgb cno sbd lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KCNO-KSBD-KLGB2.
2011-11-03 2011-11-03N1120Z (C-172)Lgb poc lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KPOC-KLGB1.
2011-11-07 2011-11-07N1484B (C-172)Lgb vny lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KVNY-KLGB1.
2011-11-14 2011-11-14N1484B (C-172)Lgb bfl sbA lgb4. ifr cross countryN1484B (C-172)KLGB-KBFL-KSBA-KLGB4. ifr cross country
2011-12-03 2011-12-03N65537 (C-172)Lgb sba with JoN65537 (C-172)KLGB-KSBA1. with Jo
2011-12-06 2011-12-06N1484B (C-172)Lgb lgb0. (C-172)KLGB-KLGB0.
2011-12-15 2011-12-15N611Q (C-152)Myf lgb1. (C-152)KMYF-KLGB1.
2012-01-02 2012-01-02N345GT (Tobago)Lgb las2. to Vegas N345GT (Tobago)KLGB-KLAS2. to Vegas
2012-01-09 2012-01-09N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-01-11 2012-01-11N1484B (C-172)Lgb vny lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KVNY-KLGB1.
2012-01-22 2012-01-22N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-01-27 2012-01-27N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-02-02 2012-02-02N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful lgb0. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB0.
2012-02-08 2012-02-08N1120Z (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-02-20 2012-02-20N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-02-23 2012-02-23N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-03-07 2012-03-07N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-03-08 2012-03-08N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-03-22 2012-03-22N1484B (C-172)Lgb cno lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KCNO-KLGB1.
2012-03-24 2012-03-24N1120Z (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-03-28 2012-03-28N1484B (C-172)Lgb lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KLGB1.
2012-03-29 2012-03-29N2235V (C-172)Lgb lgb (C-172)KLGB-KLGB0.
2012-04-18 2012-04-18N2235V (C-172)Lgb lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KLGB1.
2012-04-19 2012-04-19N2235V (C-172)Lgb toa lgb (C-172)KLGB-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-04-21 2012-04-21N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful toa lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KTOA-KLGB1.
2012-04-25 2012-04-25N1484B (C-172)Lgb myf lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KMYF-KLGB2.
2012-04-28 2012-04-28N2235V (C-172)Lgb sba lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KSBA-KLGB2.
2012-05-11 2012-05-11N1484B (C-172)Lgb lgb0. (C-172)KLGB-KLGB0.
2012-05-12 2012-05-12N1484B (C-172)Lgb ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-05-16 2012-05-16N802U (C-207)Lgb las lgb4. day and night cross countryN802U (C-207)KLGB-KLAS-KLGB4. day and night cross country
2012-05-18 2012-05-18N1484B (C-172)Lgb Sdl 300 mile cross country for commercialN1484B (C-172)KLGB-KSDL3. 300 mile cross country for commercial
2012-05-19 2012-05-19N1484B (C-172)Sdl psp lgb3. part of 300 mile trip for commercialN1484B (C-172)KSDL-KPSP-KLGB3. part of 300 mile trip for commercial
2012-05-23 2012-05-23N1484B (C-172)Lgb sba lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KSBA-KLGB2.
2012-06-03 2012-06-03N1484B (C-172)Lgb myf lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KMYF-KLGB2.
2012-06-19 2012-06-19N1484B (C-172)Lgb sna ful lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KSNA-KFUL-KLGB1.
2012-06-21 2012-06-21N1484B (C-172)Lgb sna ful lgb1.[Pilot Checkride] Instrument checkride, passedN1484B (C-172)KLGB-KSNA-KFUL-KLGB1.[Pilot Checkride] Instrument checkride, passed
2012-06-26 2012-06-26N1484B (C-172)Lgb myf lgb2. (C-172)KLGB-KMYF-KLGB2.
2012-07-01 2012-07-01N1484B (C-172)Lgb cma lgb1. (C-172)KLGB-KCMA-KLGB1.
DatePlaneRouteTotalPICSICSoloDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodNightNight L.Day L.App'sComplexHPDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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