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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
207DB KA200Unknown
5808A M20JUnknown
32NG PC-12Unknown
N522PK SR22TUnknown
6701V BeechcraftBE-76DuchessAirplane MELComplex
2755Y BeechcraftBE95-DTravel AirAirplane MELComplex
74QX CessnaC150Airplane SEL
6471M CessnaC152Airplane SEL
94299 CessnaC152Airplane SEL
94634 CessnaC152Airplane SEL
94959 CessnaC152Airplane SEL
95634 CessnaC152Airplane SEL
95840 CessnaC152Airplane SEL
5344H CessnaC172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
733DN CessnaC172NSkyhawkAirplane SEL
737VV CessnaC172NSkyhawkAirplane SEL
773DN CessnaC172NSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N141 CessnaC172NSkyhawkAirplane SEL
337DN CessnaC172PSkyhawkAirplane SEL
4601G CessnaC172PSkyhawkAirplane SEL
ER CessnaC172PSkyhawkAirplane SEL
2108L CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
337DN CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
5280R CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
5295Y CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
53210 CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
6186V CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
65939 CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
89721 CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
89722 CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
942FA CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
ER CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
N5295Y CessnaC172SPSkyhawkAirplane SEL
45312 CessnaC177-RGCardinalAirplane SEL
54312 CessnaC177-RGCardinalAirplane SEL
849CF CessnaC182SkylaneAirplane SELHP
743TW CessnaC208CaravanAirplane SELHP, Turbine
REBIRD CessnaC208CaravanAirplane SELHP, Turbine
REDBIRD CessnaC208CaravanAirplane SELHP, Turbine
6500W CessnaC210CenturionAirplane SELComplex, HP
6195X CessnaC310Airplane MELComplex, HP
99AX CessnaC402Airplane MELComplex, HP
76KT CessnaC414Conquest IIAirplane MELComplex, HP
202DB CessnaC421Golden EagleAirplane MELComplex, HP
71544 CessnaC421Golden EagleAirplane MELComplex, HP
694LM CessnaC500Citation IAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
EC-LJC CessnaC510Citation MustangAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
55WL CessnaC550Citation IIAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
777RB CessnaC550Citation IIAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
313CV CessnaC560Citation VAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
777RB CessnaC560Citation VAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
6387X CessnaCE402Airplane MELComplex, HP
99AX CessnaCE402Airplane MELComplex, HP
6387X CessnaCE402BAirplane MELComplex, HP
55WL CessnaCE550Citation IIAirplane MELComplex, HP, Jet, Turbine
654TR CirrusSR20Airplane SELGlass
83GT CirrusSR22Airplane SELGlass, HP
SN4233 FrascaFRASCA242TAirplane FTD
2272Q PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
32544 PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
4346D PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
8133E PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
8223N PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
9097Z PiperPA-28-161WarriorAirplane SEL
8133E PiperPA-28-162CherokeeAirplane SEL
366LC PiperPA-28RT-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
377LC PiperPA-28RT-201ArrowAirplane SELComplex
23AH PiperPA32RLanceAirplane SELHP
23AH PiperPA-32RLanceAirplane SELHP
797S PiperPA-32UCherokee SixAirplane SELHP

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