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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N2447D cessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N7265Z cessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N502TM CessnaC172Airplane SEL
N13293 CessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N156DM CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2235V CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N23673 CessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N448ER CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N635SP CessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N9344F CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N93878 CessnaC-172skyhawkAirplane SEL
N9672V CessnaC-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N87297 CessnaC310Rtwin cessnaAirplane MEL
N248BT DassualtFA50Falcon 50Airplane MEL
N9699U GrummanAA1Grumman TigerAirplane SEL
N244AT piperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N253AT piperPA44seminoleAirplane MEL
N299ND piperPA44seminoleAirplane MEL
N572AT piperPA44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N573AT piperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N685AT piperPA44seminoleAirplane MEL
N753AT piperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N2603Y PiperPA-28-181ArcherIIAirplane SEL
N43779 PiperPA-28-181ArcherIIAirplane SEL
N239AT PiperPa44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N216FW PiperPA44seminoleAirplane MEL
N238AT PiperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N256AT PiperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N257AT PiperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N2931T PiperPA44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N345FA PiperPA44seminoleAirplane MEL
N573AT PiperPA44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N786A PiperPA44SeminoleAirplane MEL
N786AT PiperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N827AT PiperPA44SEMINOLEAirplane MEL
N206AT PiperPA-44seminoleAirplane MEL

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