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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
Unkwn 757Unknown
N740UW A319-112Unknown
N828UA A319-131Unknown
N835UA A319-131Unknown
N410UA A320-232Unknown
u B737Unknown
unknwn2 B737Unknown
N246LV B737-7H4Unknown
N463WN B737-7H4Unknown
N491WN B737-7H4Unknown
N713SW B737-7H4Unknown
N781WN B737-7H4Unknown
u B757Unknown
unk B757Unknown
Unknwn B757Unknown
Unkwn B757Unknown
N658AA B757-223Unknown
N673AN B757-223Unknown
N674DL B757-232Unknown
N689DL B757-232Unknown
Unknw B757-232Unknown
N619AU B757-2B7Unknown
N73860 B757-33NUnknown
Unknwn B767Unknown
N120DL B767-332Unknown
N919SW CL600-2B19Unknown
N941SW CL600-2B19Unknown
N514AE CL600-2C10Unknown
N289AA DC-9-82Unknown
N442AA DC-9-82Unknown
N451AA DC-9-82Unknown
N455AA DC-9-82Unknown
N472AA DC-9-82Unknown
N485AA DC-9-82Unknown
N561AA DC-9-82Unknown
N7514A DC-9-82Unknown
N7527A DC-9-82Unknown
unk DC-9-82Unknown
N9403W DC-9-83Unknown
N975TW DC-9-83Unknown
N807AE EMB-135KLUnknown
unk EMB-145Unknown
N601DW EMB-145LRUnknown
N631AE EMB-145LRUnknown
N641AE EMB-145LRUnknown
N681AE EMB-145LRUnknown
N694AE EMB-145LRUnknown
N11121 EMB-145XRUnknown
un MD-11Unknown
t MD90Unknown
unk N321Unknown
N211NE S340BUnknown
N320AE S340BUnknown
N324AE S340BUnknown
Unknw S340BUnknown
N unkwnUnknown

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