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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N380MF OMF160Airplane SEL
N1946E Aeronica7ACChampAirplane SELTailwheel
N76PM BeechcraftB350Airplane MELComplex, "ME Turbine"
N323RR BeechcraftBE200Airplane MELComplex, "ME Turbine"
N197AS BeechcraftF90Airplane MELComplex, "ME Turbine"
PSA BombardierCL-65CRJAirplane MELTurbine
N6384S CessnaC-150Airplane SEL
N5694G CessnaC-152Airplane SEL
N68260 CessnaC-152Airplane SEL
N2600L CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N3899Q CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N5268D CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N6200R CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N65741 CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N65773 CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N7072G CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N737UY CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N7419G CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N7942G CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N8902V CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N915L CessnaC-172Airplane SEL
N525JG CessnaC-172RGAirplane SELComplex
N1679R CessnaC-182Airplane SELComplex, HP
N3346C CessnaC-182SkylaneAirplane SELComplex, HP
N297DB CessnaC-421Airplane MELComplex, HP
N700FC CirrusSR-22Airplane SELHP
N702CD CirrusSR-22Airplane SELHP
N275DS DiamondDA40Airplane SEL
N145AE EmbraerEMB-145Airplane MELJet, Turbine
N28777 GrummanAA5BAirplane SEL
N321PL PilatusPC-12Airplane SELComplex, HP, Turbine
N42558 PiperJ3-A65Airplane SELTailwheel
N33517 PiperPA28-161Airplane SEL
N33716 PiperPA28-161Airplane SEL
N43157 PiperPA28-161Airplane SEL
N3663R PiperPA28-180Airplane SEL
N2817D PiperPA28-181Airplane SEL
N1940T PiperPA28-200Airplane SELComplex
N98JG PiperPA28-200Airplane SELComplex
N8233Y PiperPA30Airplane MEL
N2079N PiperPA44-181Airplane MEL

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