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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N19U BE-76Airplane MEL
N6701V BE-76Airplane MEL
N5280R C172SPAirplane SEL
N53210 C172SPAirplane SEL
N6186V C172SPAirplane SEL
N5295Y C-172SPAirplane SEL
6471M CESSNAC-152Airplane SEL
94299 CESSNAC-152Airplane SEL
94959 CESSNAC-152Airplane SEL
95634 CESSNAC-152Airplane SEL
95840 CESSNAC-152Airplane SEL
N2272Q PA-28-161161Airplane SEL
N34617 PA-28-161161Airplane SEL
N4346D PA-28-161161Airplane SEL
N8133E PA-28-161161Airplane SEL
N9097Z PA-28-161161Airplane SEL
366LC PA-28RT201Airplane SEL
377LC PA--28RT201Airplane SEL

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