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Use this form to import logbook data from another digital logbook application. Any data in a valid CSV format will work.

Importing from LogShare:

Click on "Export your logbook"
Select either format. (tab-seperated values recommended)

Importing from ForPilots Logbook:

Click file -> export -> CSV
The resulting file should be called "export.csv"

Importing from LogbookPro:

Since LogbookPro is a bloated piece of garbage, outputs data in an invalid CSV format, you will have to first export your data as Excel spreadsheet (File -> Export -> Export to Excel), then save that into CSV format from within Excel. Also note that in order to export to excel, you must have Microsoft Excel installed. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, your only option is to export to CSV, then go through the remarks column (or any other column that may contain a comma) of each row, inclosing in quotation marks (""), any entries that contain a comma.

Importing from Excel (or any other spreadsheet application):

Click on File -> Save, then in the dialog box, at the bottom, select "CSV (Comma seperated)".
In order for FlightLogg.in' to know what to do with each column, the headers must be named a certain way. The following are columns that FlightLogg.in recognizes:
  • Date
  • Tailnumber
  • Type - The type of aircraft, such as 'C-172'
  • Route
  • Route To - the point of destination (if any of the following Route fields are present, they will be automatically catenated together.)
  • Route From - The point of deparure
  • Route Via - Any points along the way
  • Total - Total duration of the flight
  • Simulator - Same as above, except for planes that are simulators/FTDs/PCATDs
  • PIC
  • SIC
  • Solo
  • Dual Given
  • Dual Received
  • Actual Instrument
  • Simulated Instrument
  • Cross Country
  • Approaches
  • Tracking - Any value other than "No" will be counted as flight where tracking took place
  • Holding - Same as above
  • Night
  • Day Landings
  • Night Landings
  • Person - Name of the person who rode along in the flight with the logbook owner
  • Student - This column, along with the next three columns will be stored as "Person".
  • Instructor - containing the name of the person who acted as instructor for the flight, not to be confused with "Dual Given"
  • Captain
  • First Officer
All column names are not case sensitive. Some variations in the naming of each columns are tolerated. For instance, "Total", "total time", "total duration", and "duration", are all recognized as "total".