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This mobile application is for logging flights to your logbook as they happen. The software is still in beta phase, so there may still be bugs. Please report all bugs to either the github issue tracker, or the FlightLoggin Google Groups.

Page 1

This first page is intended to be filled out before you enter the plane. This page requires an internet connection for it to work properly. Select the plane that you will be flying in. If this is the first time you are flying in a particular aircraft, exit the mobile app, and enter the plane through the planes section. The Role selector is a to describe what role the logging pilot plays in this flight. This option only effects how the times are automatically copied on the last page.

Page 2

This page is intended to be used while the airplane is airborne. It has been designed to work without needing an internet connection.

At the top of the page, there is a timer that displays the current time in UTC.

Press the Land button to increment the "Landing" counter. If it is past evening civil twilight, the landing will be added to "Night Landings". Whenever you press the landing button, the app also internally records your coordinates. When you are finished with the flight, these coordinates are compiled to construct the 'route' portion of the logbook entry. The WP button (way-point) is used to denote flying over a way-point. This way-point can be a Navaid, or an airport. The app polls your phone's GPS when this button is pressed, and the coordinates are stored internally. When constructing the logbook entry, the airport or navaid nearest to where the button was pressed is added to the route field.

The night timer will start counting up when the current time passes sunset. Night time stops counting up when the sun rises. Total time always counts up, starting when you click on the Start button, and ending with clicking on the Shutdown button. The app polls your GPS every 30 minutes to update the sunset/sunrise times, as this calculation depends on your current coordinates.

The App button is used to increment the "approaches" counter. If you press the Hood button, the Hood time timer will start counting up. The is used to keep track of how long you have been under the hood. The Actual timer works the same way as the Hood timer. It is for keeping track of how long you have been flying in actual instrument conditions.

The Shutdown button is pressed when the aircraft engine is shut down, and the loggable time has stopped. Pressing this button advances the app to page 3.

Page 3

This page is intended to be completed after you have finished your flight. It requires an internet connection, so wait until you have a signal before completing this page. If you can not get to a signal before your next flight, complete page 3 anyways. When the app tries to send the flight data to the FlightLogggin' servers, the send will fail, and the data will be saved locally and can be retried again once your phone has a signal.

Depending on the role you selected on page 1, certain fields will contain numbers. These numbers are filled in from the timers and counters from page 2. To erase these numbers, press the button containing the labels of each number field. You can enter any number you wish into these fields. The route fields should contain identifiers of airports that you started and ended at, as well as any way-points you have declared enroute.

When you have finished, click the Submit button. This will send the flight data to the FlightLoggin' servers. If you now view your logbook, you'll see the new flight listed.