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DatePlaneRouteTotalSimPICSICDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodDayNightNight L.Day L.App'sMultiSingleTurbineME TurbineDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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Overall Totals: 623.144.5392.420.3302.1246.7222.424.543.5516.4106.71045489550.0573.181.520.332252.3
Jun-18-2015 2015-06-18N556ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1. Wang UND AC 222/31N556ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang UND AC 222/31
Jun-18-2015 2015-06-18N411VM (PC-12)krst kgfk1. MunionVMFN411VM (PC-12)KRST-KGFK1. MunionVMF
Jun-19-2015 2015-06-19N571ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.41.41.4Ryan UND 102/13N571ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. UND 102/13
Jun-20-2015 2015-06-20N547ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1. TWill Wang UND AC 222/33 TVF LOC 31N547ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. T1.5Will Wang UND AC 222/33 TVF LOC 31
Jun-23-2015 2015-06-23N608ND (C-172S)Kgfk D37 kgfk1.71.71.7Enroch & Luke aerospace campN608ND (C-172S)KGFK-D37-KGFK1. & Luke aerospace camp
Jun-23-2015 2015-06-23N563ND (C-172S)Kgfk kgfk1.61.61.6Will Wang AC UND 222/34N563ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang AC UND 222/34
Jun-23-2015 2015-06-23N568ND (C-172S)gfk ckn gfk1.71.71.7Ryan UND 102/13N568ND (C-172S)KGFK-KCKN-KGFK1. UND 102/13
Jun-24-2015 2015-06-24N550ND (C-172S)gfk tvf gfk2.02.02.0Enoch and Luke Aerospace campN550ND (C-172S)KGFK-KTVF-KGFK2. and Luke Aerospace camp
Jun-24-2015 2015-06-24N545ND (C-172S)gfk gfk0.50.50.53Night CurrencyN545ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK0.50.50.530.5Night Currency
Jun-25-2015 2015-06-25N516ND (C-172S)gfk 6D8 gfk2. and Luke aerospace campN516ND (C-172S)KGFK-6D8-KGFK2. and Luke aerospace camp
Jun-25-2015 2015-06-25N652ND (C-172S)gfk gaf gfk1.71.71.7Ryan UND 102/15N652ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGAF-KGFK1. UND 102/15
Jun-25-2015 2015-06-25N547ND (C-172S)kgfk y37 kgfk1. and LukeN547ND (C-172S)KGFK-Y37-KGFK1. and Luke
Jun-30-2015 2015-06-30N655ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.21.21.2Megan UND 102/9N655ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. UND 102/9
Jun-30-2015 2015-06-30N596ND (PA44-180)gfk gfk0. Sobotta 3551706CFI 9/16ME Night CurrencyN596ND (PA44-180)KGFK-KGFK0. Sobotta 3551706CFI 9/16ME Night Currency
Jul-01-2015 2015-07-01N568ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.31.31.3Will Wang AC 222/37N568ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang AC 222/37
Jul-06-2015 2015-07-06N571ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.71.71.7WIll Wang AC 222/38N571ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang AC 222/38
Jul-06-2015 2015-07-06N527ND (C-172S)gfk d37 gfk1.91.91.9Megan UND 102/11N527ND (C-172S)KGFK-D37-KGFK1. UND 102/11
Jul-07-2015 2015-07-07N519ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.31.31.3Will Wang AC 222/39N519ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang AC 222/39
Jul-08-2015 2015-07-08N563ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.51.51.5Will Wang AC 222/39N563ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. Wang AC 222/39
Jul-08-2015 2015-07-08N507ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.21.21.2Jimmy UND 222/34N507ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. UND 222/34
Jul-09-2015 2015-07-09N547ND (C-172S)gfk gfk0.70.70.7Jimmy UND 222/34N547ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK0. UND 222/34
Jul-09-2015 2015-07-09N547ND (C-172S)gfk gfk1.11.11.1Jimmy UND 222/35N547ND (C-172S)KGFK-KGFK1. UND 222/35
Jul-30-2015 2015-07-30N575ND (C-172S)gfk axn lvn3. UND 222/48N575ND (C-172S)KGFK-KAXN-KLVN3. UND 222/48
Jul-30-2015 2015-07-30N575ND (C-172S)lvn gfk3. UND 222/49N575ND (C-172S)KLVN-KGFK3. UND 222/49
Jul-31-2015 2015-07-31N530ND (C-172S)gfk rap gfk7. Wang AC 222/46N530ND (C-172S)KGFK-KRAP-KGFK7. Wang AC 222/46
Aug-10-2015 2015-08-10N574M (CE-550)eau rpd eau1.71.71.73David SmithFirst day of trainingN574M (CE-550)KEAU-KRPD-KEAU1. SmithFirst day of training
Aug-11-2015 2015-08-11N574M (CE-550)eau eau1.51.51.513 HTDavid SmithEAU ILS 22, EAU LOC BC 4, EAU RNAV 22N574M (CE-550)KEAU-KEAU1. HT1.51.51.5David SmithEAU ILS 22, EAU LOC BC 4, EAU RNAV 22
Aug-12-2015 2015-08-12N563M (CE-560)ict eau2. TDavid SmithN563M (CE-560)KICT-KEAU2. T2.22.22.2509.9David Smith
Aug-15-2015 2015-08-15N573M (CE-550)KEAU KPTK KCMH KPTK KEAU4.64.64.62David SmithN573M (CE-550)KEAU-KPTK-KCMH-KPTK-KEAU4. Smith
Aug-16-2015 2015-08-16N573M (CE-550)KEAU KSUS KEAU2.52.52.51David SmithN573M (CE-550)KEAU-KSUS-KEAU2. Smith
Aug-17-2015 2015-08-17N563M (CE-560)KEAU KSAW KMBS KGYY KMBS KSAW KEAU4.44.44.43David SmithN563M (CE-560)KEAU-KSAW-KMBS-KGYY-KMBS-KSAW-KEAU4. Smith
Aug-19-2015 2015-08-19N564M (CE-560)KEAU KMCW KLNK KGRI1.61.61.61Scott ThatcherN564M (CE-560)KEAU-KMCW-KLNK-KGRI1. Thatcher
Aug-19-2015 2015-08-19N564M (CE-560)KGRI KLNK KDSM KEAU1. ThatcherN564M (CE-560)KGRI-KLNK-KDSM-KEAU1. Thatcher
DatePlaneRouteTotalSimPICSICDual R.Dual G.XCActualHoodDayNightNight L.Day L.App'sMultiSingleTurbineME TurbineDist (NM)PersonRemarks
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