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TailnumberManufacturerTypeModel NameFuel BurnCategory/ClassTagsDescription
N816HA CessnaCe172SkyhawkUnknown
N445BW CessnaCe-172SkyhawkUnknown
N2447D CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N24619 CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2477J CessnaCE-172Skyhawk Airplane SEL
n2656G CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N2859E CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N445BW CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL[Hidden]
N445BW CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N522QF CessnaCE-172Sky hawkAirplane SEL
N63419 CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N63419 CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N65772 CessnaCE-172Sky hawkUnknown
N65842 CessnaCE-172Skyhawk Airplane SEL
N7111N CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N723HG CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N72653 CessnaCE-172Sky hawkAirplane SEL
N7265Z CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N753GW CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
N816HA CessnaCE-172Sky hawkAirplane SEL
N9710F CessnaCE-172SkyhawkAirplane SEL
PA-44 FRASCAFTDSeminoleAirplane FTD
N2202X PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N2236D PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N23PE PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N3005D PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N3005D PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N304BK PiperPA-44Seminole Airplane MELComplex
N345FA PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N357DA PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N39608 PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N39644 PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N514CG PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N6816A PiperPA-44Seminole Airplane MELcomplex
N6818A PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex
N6865A PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N790GK PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N8101K PiperPA-44Seminole Airplane MELComplex
N813CN PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELComplex
N8344A PiperPA-44SeminoleAirplane MELcomplex

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